Trends - „the new normal“
The overall economic development hasn’t left the area of marketing untouched. According to WARC (Worldwide Advertising Research Council) global adspend contracted by 10,5% in 2009, for 2010 a slight increase of 2,3% vs PY is predicted. From an academic point of view, marketing and particularly advertising are supposed to be employed in an anticyclical fashion, the reality though in most places looks very different. In other words: In a situation of economic decline, advertising spend is over proportionally reduced if compared to the overall economic situation, in times of economic growth, investment is increased significantly.

This effect can also be observed in the current situation. Still, the route out of the crisis will not follow the same patterns we’ve seen before.
The roots of classical marketing instruments in many cases trace back to the mid to late part of the last century. At the same time markets and consumers change in ever shorter intervals (witness: social networks, the sustainability question or the new frugality when it comes to private consumption).

New approaches are needed. Investing less, more (or at least the same) results need to be achieved. This won’t be possible in the old ways. Only true innovation will allow to deal with the new reality. And this is exactly where SAYG comes in.

Achieving more with less
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