Our services
in the area of Strategy/Analysis/Tactics
The marketingQED-Portfolio is a highly specialised software for application in the area of marketing. It’s core areas are „modelling“ and „forecasting“ The portfolio is structured into three offerings:
  • modelQED - The Modelling-Software-Package
  • modelQED forecast edition - The Integrated Modelling & Forecasting-Software-Package
  • forecastQED - The Forecast-Software-Package
The respective software licenses are purchased at an annual basis, clients can use them within this timeframe at their discretion, without limitations.
In addition, SAYG is offering services in the following related areas:
  • Training
  • „First-Level“ Support
  • Marketing-consultancy (how to use results both on strategic and tactical level)
  • Distribution of suitable ‘add-on‘ software for instance in the area of ‘Dashboards‘- (online based software that will allow real-time sharing of results and information across the company and other relevant stakeholders)